Buying or selling property can be a complicated process, and having the right information is critical to making the best decision for you. We have assembled a suite of tools designed to help you gather the facts you need. Please be advised that these tools are to be used for estimation purposes only. Should you require additional information or professional guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or referrals.

Currency Converter

Based on exchange rates at time of publication, convert any amount from one currency to another.

Click here for the currency converter.

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Running Cost Form

Based on our knowledge of the local market, we have developed a running cost form to help you estimate the various costs involved in maintaining a property in St. Lucia.

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Rental Income Calculator

If you are considering renting your property, our rental income calculator can help you estimate revenue based on both summer and winter rates.

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Area Conversion Calculator

Our area conversion tool will help you easily convert between metrics.

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Preventative Maintenance Form

We are happy to assist you with developing a preventative maintenance plan based on your property's requirements.

Click here for the preventative maintenance form.

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